Raising a teenager

Raising teenagers might be more difficult than raising toddlers. Through the hormones, test scores, orthodontia, learner permits, mood swings, Instagram likes, and snap chat selfies, it is tough for a mom to maintain her sanity.
Baby books taught you about potty training and pre-school, but what could prepare you for the rollercoaster that is first dances and drivers ed?

Being a mom is not easy from that first cry up til their wedding day and beyond, your heart hurts when they hurt, you cry when they cry, you smile when they smile and you cheer them on as their biggest fan.
Being a mom is not about giving them everything they want… if you do that you will have spoiled ungrateful kids. It being there for them, loving them, caring for them, giving them what they need, it does not mean giving them the best iPhone at 12 and a car at 16, no it means showing them how to do things like how to do laundry, how to wash dishes, how to cook and clean, the basic things of life are things they will remember more than "Oh my mom got me an iPhone for my 12th birthday", they will look back and thank you for the things you taught them 
I want my daughter to become a strong confident woman, who believes she can do anything she tries to do, I want her to be confident to run for president, I want her to reach for the highest paying job within her career field, I want all these things but I want her to feel confident in herself and who she is.
I want us to have a relationship that if she is struggling a relationship, anxiety or depression that she is comfortable talking to me about it, I want her to look at me like her best friend, I want her to tell me about her first date and her first kiss ( so I can find the kid {just kidding}).  
I do love the age she is right now, she is almost 14 and she is truly a joy to be a mom to, her teachers compliment us all the time on her, this my friends is what makes the hardest days easier, knowing that because you told them No to something, does not mean you hate them even though they may think so at the moment,  one day they will look back and realize it was for their benefit. 
I love being a momma  


  1. I have a teenage son so I can relate!

  2. Raising teens can be difficult, especially in today's world. My teens are now adults (26 & 24) and I can only hope I have instilled in them to be fine, upstanding, Christian young adults. Thank you for sharing your heart for being a mom of a teen!

  3. Instilling confidence in our children is such an important part of them growing into the person God created them to be! Your daughter is fortunate to have a mom who loves her! God bless!

  4. Hi Terri

    Loved your blog post “Raising a Teenager”.

    You’re right; raising teenagers sure is a big responsibility.

    As you say, our heart hurt when they hurt and we cry when they cry.

    It’s difficult to be a mum, yet one of the most significant gifts in life I’ve experienced.

    It’s difficult because I want to give my son everything, at the same time I know I cannot do that because it’s crucial to experience for children that it requires an effort to get something in life.

    It’s as you say: “They will look back and thank you for the things you taught them!”

    What I like to be remembered for is the value I’ve given my child when he grows up to be a real man.

    We want them to be confident.

    It sounds like you have a sweet daughter and that the two of you have a great relationship :-)

    Edna Davidsen

  5. Terri, your love for your daughter came through this post. I don't have a teenager...or a girl, for that matter. But I remember being a teenage girl! You've set the goal of an open and loving relationship with your daughter and I'm sure she can tell.

    You shared some great wisdom regarding material items. My son is only 4 right now, but we already find it hard to say no to things he wants. We love to delight him and he is spoiled by his grandparents, too (but still doesn't get everything he wants). I don't think it's necessarily "wrong" to give him things he loves, but it would be wrong to do that and consider that the extent of our parenting!

    You shared the goals you have for your daughter- confidence, strength, ambition. It's so important to keep our goals for our children in the forefront of our minds and let that guide our decisions as parents of preschoolers or teenagers. I'd say your daughter is blessed to have you!


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