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It’s so easy to fall out of love with your home. The constant additions you wish you could make. Yet when you do make them, you find other things to change. It all spirals out of control until ultimately you just aren’t happy with the way your home looks. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Making the right changes can be the cure to your love hate relationship with your home. Some are bigger additions than others, but all will attempt to make you fall in love once again.



A mother’s favourite place will always be either the kitchen, or the bathroom. The kitchen is the home of good cooking, family gatherings, and lovely meals. Yet it always seems to be a little outdated. One way of solving this is by filling it with all the latest gadgets. Not only will this generally aid you in the kitchen, it’ll make it look that little more modern. Take the newest kitchen aid mixer for example. They look so professional, and do such a good job with assisting things such as kneading, whisking, and many more. They come in all different colours to suit your kitchen.
Rather than having a whole renovation of the kitchen to change the design, keep it cheap and simplistic. A simple swap of the table and chairs can really refresh the whole kitchen design. Go for something that’ll suit your colour scheme. White’s and black’s seem to be all the rage at the minute, but some nice oak wood will also look lovely.

Living Room

The hub of the family home. It’s really easy for this area to become outdated. It’s usually last in the pecking order for decorating. One way to spice it up a little is to completely repaint of wallpaper. It’s really cheap to do so, and can be done without having to hire a decorator if you or your partner considers yourself the handyman. It’ll completely transform the vibe of your living room. Just be sure to do some colour tests first to make sure it matches the carpet and sofas.
With the end of the warmer months coming to a close, it might be worth considering something such as HVAC system to regulate the temperature. You’ll be coming to that annoying time of the year where it’s sometimes too hot, and sometimes too cold. Having a system that controls both sides will be perfect. Check out R&T services, or other similar companies to get quotes on installations. Nothing makes you hate your home more than not being able to get comfortable in it.


A place of solitude for most people in the house. Why not make it the most relaxing area of the house. One great addition is a sound box that plays relaxing soft sounds whilst you have a bath. Couple this with a few candles, and you have the ultimate relaxation area. It might also be worth investing in a handy wall towel drying rack. It’ll look smarter than your average radiator, and leave the towels lovely and warm ready for when you get out.

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