4 Things Only Moms And Dads Know About Parenthood

Welcoming a baby into the world is a joyous occasion because you never love anything like you do a child. It’s also an exhausting time as there are books to read and houses to prepare. But, no matter how many “first-time baby books” you read, it will adequately prepare you for what’s next. Why? It’s because there are some things which don’t come to light until the baby is in your arms.

Here are fours things only parents understand about parenthood.

The Books Are Nonsense!

Okay, so that’s a little bit harsh because they do have useful tips. However, the thing they fail to divulge is that parenting is a unique experience. Every child is different, which means there isn’t a framework for rearing a baby. Unfortunately, new moms and dads to be put a lot of faith in the books because they claim to have the answers. When the baby is born, none of the info you read in the weeks leading up to the birth came in handy. Not only is it a waste of time, but it’s massively depressing because it feels like no one can help. Even the professionals don’t have a clue!

Postpartum Depression Is Real

With all mental illnesses, it’s easy to think it will never happen to me. After all, society still looks down on ailments such as depression as a weakness. Well, once a woman gives birth, she doesn’t think it any longer. It is common for new mothers not to fall in love with their bundle of joy straight away. What with the trauma of giving birth, it is somewhat normal nowadays. The key is to understand the symptoms and reach out for help. No one is a monster because they struggle with parenthood. Parents just need help and a bit of time to adapt.

Clothes Are Expensive

Sure everyone knows that – all you have to do is look at a price tag. The thing is a non-parent can’t account for two things. Firstly, children go through a wardrobe like a fashion model on a catwalk. Seriously, isn’t it quite impressive how they manage to dirty outfits and fill them with holes? Of course, once they lose their shine, a replacement is necessary. Secondly, the desire to provide is strong. Many parents have checked out Nickis baby Dior section even though the baby doesn’t care. Still, the idea of having a beautiful, stylish fashionista is too tempting!

Kids Are Rough

Like, an MMA world title contest is rough. As soon as they can crawl, walk and climb, they never stop. Inevitably, they want their parents to be nearby for their daily dose of torture. From punches to scratches and biting, they have an array of moves which would impress The Rock. Sometimes they do it unintentionally and others on purpose. Either way, it hurts all the same! Every parent has scars, both mental and physical, from a “playful” encounter with their own flesh and blood.

What’s worse is these are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s plenty more where that came from, people.

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