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Most of us are way too busy to spend enough time in our gardens. It would be a lot easier to hire a professional gardener to come and sort out our lawns and flower beds for us. Unfortunately, though, hiring an expert gardener can be extremely expensive!

But that doesn’t mean your garden has to be neglected and forgotten. You just need to take a leaf out of a gardener’s book and use all of these great tips to help keep your garden in great shape.

Always Protect Against The Weather

If your garden gets damaged by the weather, you will have to spend a considerable amount of time trying to get it back to how it originally was. And that might be time that you don’t necessarily have. So, to ensure that you don’t find yourself swamped by a whole load of gardening work, spend some time making sure that all your garden is protected against the weather, especially at this time of year as we head into winter. As long as your lawn, flower beds, and vegetable patch are protected against frost, then your garden should be ok!

Make Compost

Are you sick of dragging yourself to your local gardening store to stock up on compost? If so, you need to start making it yourself. It is incredibly easy to do and is a great way to dispose of all your food waste. You just need to find a large bin that you can keep outdoors. Into this, you need to empty your food waste so that it can decompose. After a few weeks, the decomposed food will be full of nutrients that your garden soil and plants need.


Always Prune Your Trees And Bushes

If you only have time to do one job in the garden, it should be pruning all your trees and bushes. Ideally, this should be done right at the beginning of summer and winter. Check out the Chain Cutting to find out which chainsaw is the best for cutting back dead branches on your large trees. When it comes to pruning smaller trees and bushes, you should be ok using just some pruning shears. Just remember to watch your fingers!

Plant Bee-Friendly Flowers

Did you know that bees can help to look after your garden when you don’t have time? These little insects fly around pollinating plants to help ensure that your garden is always full of gorgeous plants and flowers. To make sure that your garden is always full of bees busy at work, plant some of their favorite flowers. You can find out which ones they are by checking out this list. Try not to shoo away any bees if you do notice them in your garden - they are only looking for food for themselves and won’t try to sting anyone unless they are provoked.

You don’t have to be an expert gardener to have a beautiful garden. Hopefully, these tips will help you even if you don’t have much time on your hands!

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