5 Tips on how to teach a growing Child

Teaching children could be an extreme task. Sometimes they are energized and some of the time they demonstrate no enthusiasm for studying.

Apart from the simply the body, children experience loads of developing between age 3-9.They have rich creative energies, they have heaps of questions and they want to play physically.
Childhood is additionally a vital stage to study. The school does its undertaking great, however, it's a greater amount of your obligation to give those taking in a superior shape. Whatever your roles are in a child's life, there are many fun and exciting ways to make teaching an enjoyable task for Kids.

Here are 5 of the ways that would help you in teaching your child in a more fun-loving way

1. Read Aloud to your Child
Reading aloud has always been the best practice which is very effective when it comes to teaching kids. It builds word-sound awareness and gives a clear insight about how he/she pronounces the word.
It also builds vocabulary, curiosity, memory, and motivation. When children start having good experiences with reading, they are more likely to take this feeling of enjoyment to the next level by continue reading even when you are not around.

2. Play pretend games with your child
Playing fantasy games with the child is proven to be very important for child's imagination and improving their social and language development.
All you have to do is:
  • Mimic their activities sometimes. If the child picks up a car and flies it in the air, try picking up some other car and do the same. The chances are this will make them happy.
  • Keep a prop box filled with old clothes, utensils, hat, magazines, dolls and other similar stuff in the house to pretend play
3. Do Crafts and Arts
Arts and crafts are not just good to keep a child entertained but also helps them in gaining knowledge about the color and help them learn the scientific way of using appropriate color for proper objects.
  • Have an art corner at home to keep all the color, papers and board.
  • Use mobile apps or a graphic tablet for drawing [ there is no other thing as fantasizing as electronic gadgets to kids ]
  • Give them some of their favourite toys to draw.

4. Break large information into smaller parts
The way you know things is different than what a child knows. So whenever you are trying to teach something new to them, make sure you break them into smaller chunks. Simplify ideas and related the new topic to something they already know.
Find out beforehand if the child knows anything about the new concept. It is ok to ask "Do you know what that means?", if they say no try to make it simpler.

5. Have Patience
Even if you are teacher, Mother or Father, patience is a very important part when it comes to teaching a child. It is always a challenge, but you have to remember that "Kids are Kids”. They usually do not intentionally try to 

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