Scandi Eye Candy: Get on Board With Stunning Scandinavian Decor

Scandinavian style decor has really taken off in the last couple of years, and it’s easy to see why. A clean white palette with pops of colour and rustic charm, it’s a look that works from the largest to the smallest of rooms. It’s simple, has clean lines and makes the most of the space meaning this understated elegant theme is a particularly good one for apartments and smaller homes. If you’re looking to get on board, here’s how you can go about it.

Paint Your Walls: Clean and Simple is Key
White is the typical choice here since it’s clean, fresh and goes with anything else you put in the room. But if it feels a bit too harsh or clinical for your tastes, you could opt with another light muted shade. Since it’s all about simplicity you won't need any fussy wallpaper or lots of wall accessories, although one thing you could do is a gallery wall. Here lots of smaller frames come together to create one piece. It’s a particularly good choice for this style of decor since it stops the space looking too bare, but makes a statement so you don’t need to hang anything on the other walls. Sleek black matching frames will contrast against the white walls and

Ditch The Carpets: Choose Wooden Floors Instead
Carpets might be cosy but they’re not in line with Scandi decor. Opt for wooden floors instead, these are easier to keep clean and will last longer anyway. A pale wood is typical of Scandinavian decor but you could adapt this and still keep with the general theme. Alternatively you could choose luxury vinyl plank floors which will emulate the look of wood but be a lot cheaper. If you pull up your carpet and have floorboards underneath, you could paint these white which would be a budget option. Just make sure you’re using the right paint so that it can be cleaned and stays nice for longer.

Add a Pop of Colour: Yellow, Green or Navy Work Well
Scandinavian decor is usually made up of a muted, neutral colour palette with pops of colour. This helps to bring in interest and allows you to have fun. Yellow, green and navy are all good choices, pick the one you like best and add a few items in this colour. It could be a statement chair, a couple of cushions, a lamp, a vase. Go with really nice pieces since these are what people’s eyes will be drawn to when they come into your home.

Choose Cool Rustic or Unusual Furniture and Accessories
Finally, to incorporate that rustic Scandi charm go with some unusual furniture and accessories. Since everything else is so plain you can have fun here. A couple of mismatched chairs, a unique floor lamp. An upcycled coffee table, some potted cacti and unusual lighting. This is how you stop a very white, neutral room from looking stark and boring.

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