Feeling Under The Weather? Perhaps There Is More To It

Many of us can complain of feeling less than perfect from one day to the next. Perhaps feeling what can only be described by the common phrase of “feeling under the weather” or not quite 100%. It tends to be when you don’t feel yourself but you can’t pinpoint an underlying reason as to what is wrong. However, more often than not there is a reason and it’s just a case of trying to identify it. So if this feeling of “blah” seems to be more common than you would like maybe one of the below concerns could be the reason.


Are you stressed?

Some people can feel stressed and not even realise that stress is the cause. Maybe you have a particularly demanding job, or you have had some form of life change like adding to the family or a change in the dynamics. Stress can be brought on through all sorts of circumstances, and often we don’t really notice we are stressed and put down those feelings of being unwell to other factors. However, stress can cause you headaches, can make you feel anxious and sick and can take over your thought process. So the next time you are not feeling yourself look at your current lifestyle and see whether or not stress is the cause of it.

Is your gut trying to tell you something?

You don’t need to have picked up some form of sickness bug or got yourself a bad dose of food poisoning for you to have gut problems. Our guts, stomachs and digestive systems can be to blame for all sorts of factors in our life. Stomach pain, trapped wind or even just feeling a little nauseous could be the underlying reason of why you feel a little rubbish. Often booking in to see experts like Gastroenterologists could highlight other issues going on with you gut that you weren’t aware of. If symptoms in this area of your body persist, there may be more going on than you realise.

Could a lack of sleep be to blame?

Getting enough sleep is one thing many of us would agree that we would like more of. So often when you don’t feel yourself a lack of sleep can be the main cause. The best advice would be to look at your current lifestyle and see whether or not you are burning the candle at both ends. Late nights and early starts may be part and parcel of your lifestyle or even work, but it is also important to enable your body to catch up with itself every once in awhile.

When was the last time you got your eyes checked?

Finally, if you feel tired, getting headaches and generally under the weather then maybe your eyes are to blame. Straining your eyes to see things at a distance or read things up close can cause you to feel under the weather in other parts of your body. It can make you feel sick, give you a headache and in some cases you can make your eyesight worse by not getting the help you need. Book in for an eye test at your earliest opportunity to at least rule it out.

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