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Today I turn 35, growing up 35 felt so old and now I realize I am closer to retirement so bring it on J
This week I’m celebrating my 35th birthday!  In celebration of my 35 years, here are 35 things I’ve learned throughout the years I wanted to share with you!
1.      Your definition of love changes as you get older.  That hot, fiery beginning love is great, but if there’s nothing to sustain that fire, it will go out.  Find someone who you truly enjoy being with, you can laugh with, and cry with. 

2.      2. Blood doesn’t make or define  a family, unconditional love does.  Sometimes families are torn apart by greed, jealousy, divorce, or anger.  Real family are those people who love you despite your flaws and love you through it all.  Don’t forget to return the favor!

3.      Be friends with your siblings because they are the people who will be with you your entire life.

4.      Friendships change. Friends come and go as marriage, divorce, job changes, moves, and children happen. 

5.      Learn how to manage your money when you’re young. Money is a tool.  Once you learn to use it as a tool instead of letting money control you, life gets a lot easier. 

6.      Take vacations.  Many people wait until they are older to travel.  Guess what?  There are just as many expenses when you’re older as you have when you’re young.  Even worse, sometimes as you age, your health fails and you can no longer get around like you could when you were younger.  Pay with cash and travel.  See the world.  Broaden your horizons. 

7.      Don’t waste your time worrying about what other people think about you.  Do your best, be a good person, and live your life.  Life is too short to worry about things out of your control.  People that care about you accept you for yourself, those that don’t are missing out.

8.      Learn to say that you are sorry.  It takes a big person to step up and apologize.  Be the brave one, you might save a relationship.

9.      Find a career that you love.  You will be doing it for another 30-some years. Feel good about what you are doing.  You will be a happier person.

10.  Take chances.  Playing it safe can lead to a life of regrets.  Don’t be someone who played it so safe that you look back on your life and wish you had been brave enough to follow your heart.
11.  Find a church that you love to go to.  If the first place you try doesn’t feel right, keep looking. 

12.  You are not too old to make a change.  I remember when I was 20 thinking 35 was old.  It’s not.  Trust me!

13.  Surround yourself with people who make you a better person. Try to find a spiritual mentor, professional mentors, and people with goals similar to your own.

14.  Be the mentor you needed in your 20s to someone in their 20s.  There are a lot of people lost that need someone to come along and help them develop into the person they want to be. 

15.  Learn how to cook at home.  Not only is this cheaper, but it’s healthier.  You might even like it!

16.  Read more than you watch television. 

17.  Pay off your credit cards.  It’s really hard to live your dreams when you are drowning in debt. 

18.  Learn how to say no to yourself. It’s always easy to make up an excuse that we “deserve” something.  Sometimes we might, but can’t afford it.  Say no until you can. 

19.  If you have children, teach them good habits early. Children are sponges that soak up the good and bad. Practice what you preach.

20.  Be grateful. Practice gratitude journaling.  Say thank you.  Mean it.

21.  Give back. Each of us needed help somewhere along the way.

22.  Some people are users. Find friends that support in you and support them back.  Let the others go.

23.  Know your priorities. Don’t be afraid to say no to something that’s taking time away from those priorities!

24.  You can invest everything you have into a relationship and still have your heartbroken.  Sometimes it’s not your fault.  There are no guarantees with people. 

25.  Be trustworthy. Don’t spread gossip. You never know who you are going to hurt by doing so!

26.  Learn self-discipline. It will get you very far in life!

27.  Be yourself. You are uniquely created by a wondrous God. The world needs more of you.
28.  Smile.  Life might not always be easy or fun, but it costs nothing to smile. 

29.  The less stuff you own, the easier it is to keep a clean home.  Clutter results in extra, extra time spent trying to find something, extra time cleaning and taking care of things, and extra money buying duplicates because you can’t find the first.  Keep the things you love. 

30.  Let go and have some fun.  Sometimes we get so caught up in “grown up” things like our jobs and bills that we forget to have some fun.  Live life.  35 years has went by very fast.  Those are words that I never thought that I’d say.  Enjoy the ride!

31.  Chocolate fixes everything 

32. Cynicism and sarcasm make for good jokes, but kindness and sincerity make for better friends.
33. Don’t be the person who tells other people why they shouldn’t like what they like. Nobody likes that person.
34.You’ll learn far more from considering the possibility that you might be wrong than you ever will from insisting you were right.
35If someone has hurt you, find a way to forgive them. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.


  1. Happiest birthday! What a wonderful list! Wishing all the best in this new year of life.

  2. These are great life lessons at any age! Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday!! So many good tidbits of wisdom here. I especially love, love #14. I think it's so lost in our culture, and love seeing these mentoring relationships. I'm only a few years behind you......

  4. Happy Birthday! With age comes wisdom and you are the proof! I love this list and especially chocolate fixes everything! I turned 55 this year, but age is just a number. I don't feel a day over 30! Jesus keeps me young.

  5. Happy Birthday! It looks like you have a great list and wisdom to go along with it!

  6. Happy Belated! For me at least my 30's are (so far) my favourite. I have accomplished more, grown more and truly feel like I finally know who I am. I am 35 as well and it's been a year of discovery for me. I wish for you abundant blessings this year and the rest. xo


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