6 ways to declutter a messy kitchen

A messy kitchen is difficult to work in. You won’t have much counter space, you’ll find it difficult to locate all of your utensils and appliances, and it can easily spiral out of control. Let’s face it, cleaning up a kitchen is something no one wants to get involved with, but it’s important to do so for a number of reasons. It drastically reduces the possibility of attracting rodents, and fewer pests will come along to nibble all of the crumbs you’ve left.

So to help you out, we’ve put together a list of 6 ways to declutter a messy kitchen.

A clean and minimalist kitchen is the goal to aspire for. (Source)

Throw out what you don’t need

First, chuck out anything you don’t need or don’t use anymore. Go through all of your cupboards, give them a nice clean and take out any old cans of food that you no longer plan to eat. You’d be surprised at the many different “treasures” you can find lurking in your cupboards.

Ask yourself if you really need duplicates

Do you have several pots of the same size? Get rid of the older ones and keep the new one. Do you have more than a single microwave? What for? Get rid of one! If you have duplicates of any utensils or appliances, then make sure you get rid of them because you likely won’t need them at all.

Learn to use fewer tools and appreciate simpler methods

A knife is really all you need to cut things. Sure, peelers are fantastic too, but you could probably do most of your kitchen preparation work with fewer tools. Knives can slice and dice just about anything as long as they’re sharp enough. In short, avoid weird gadgets or contraptions and just focus on simple and effective tools.

Kitchens don’t need to be filled with appliances. (Source)

Use what you can see, not what’s hidden

If it’s not on your kitchen counter, you probably don’t use it very often. This is why many people prefer to use a countertop oven as opposed to a traditional oven. It’s more convenient to access, takes up less space and offers a number of useful features to improve your productivity in the kitchen.

Your kitchen is not a library

You no longer need all of those cookbooks. Stop making your kitchen look like a library by replacing all of those physical books with a single tablet and many eBooks.

Do you really use all those spices and condiments?

We’re all guilty of collecting spices, condiments and seasonings. They can give us plenty of unique flavours that are just absolutely stunning to mix in our foods, but with the number of spices out there, it’s virtually impossible to have a shelf large enough to use them all.

These tips will help you go far when it comes to decluttering your messy kitchen. To summarise, get rid of anything you don’t actively need, use or see in the kitchen and replace it with multi-purpose tools that are sharp and well-maintained.

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