Hold Onto Happiness With These Creative Pursuits

In case you were in any doubt, life really does pass by in a blur. And, never does time go faster than when you’re happy. It’s the ever elusive goal, right? But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of ways to capture and hold on to those moments which mean the most. Whether you most love traveling alone or spending time with family, you can keep it all close to your heart. All you need to do to achieve the goal is turn your attention to creativity.

We all know that creating is good for us in a variety of ways. It broadens our horizons and satisfies our needs. But, it also helps us hold onto happiness. After all, nothing captures memories as well as creating something from them. And, here are the creative paths which can help you get a firm footing on your favorite moments.


Let’s start with a literal one. Photography quite literally allows you to capture moments and keep them close. It’s a fantastic medium, and one you can’t use enough.
Consider ourselves budding photographers
is especially true if you have young children. Capturing them on camera is the only way to hold them in time. Otherwise, they’ll grow without a trace.

With Instagram and Snapchat, we all like to consider ourselves budding photographers. Wherever you are, you can pull your phone out and get snapping. But, it may also be worth hiring a professional photographer to shadow your family for an hour or two. The trouble, of course, is that phone photos are commonplace, now. There’s nothing special about them. By comparison, professional photos are sure to capture your heart. They can take pride of place in your home, and forever remind you of an amazing time in your life.

Make mementos

Mementos also make fantastic creative reminders and are the ideal choice for people who travel a lot. In many ways, adventures can feel like constant farewells to places we grow to love. But, if you make a memento everywhere you go, you’ll never have to say goodbye completely. You can forever hold onto a piece of the place.

What memento you make is up to you. You could create a collage of receipts, a picture using seashells, or a scarf knitted with local wool. If possible, create something which reminds you of the way the place made you feel. Somewhere reflective, for example, could be best recreated in a painting.


Journalling gets a bad rep as something only kids do. But, it actually has tremendous creative power for people attempting to capture moments. In fact, many of the best writers out there keep avid journals. Even Kurt Cobain was a journal writer!

The best part about this art is that it allows you to capture and reflect upon every moment as it happens. As such, it ensures you appreciate happiness when you have it. And, those entries also provide a way to look back. It’s the best of both worlds.

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