Weekend Recap

Another week has gone, which means another weekend is over as well.

Had a crazy busy day at work, hubby picked me up, we came home to get Brooke and to drop her of for the weekend because it was a youth Convention weekend, she has been looking forward to it. 
After we dropped her off we went on a date night, we haven't got to have one since Valentine's and we usually have a weekly date night. We went for Chinese food. 

Hubby went to work for a couple hours, so I slept in and then we went shopping, we needed food, I needed a present for a friend and I got some planning presents as well, then Brooke called and she wasn't feeling well so she needed to be picked up, so we did that, she came home and laid around all day, I made dinner and she barely ate, she just wasn't feeling to great... 

Brooke still wasn't feeling well so she was going to sleep the morning away, I was teaching the nursery class so I had to go, she was still sleeping when I got home, poor baby. 
When she woke she was fine though, so not sure what was going on with her. 
after PM service we went to Mcd's and had a friend come with us, it was fun. 

My weekends have been so boring lately, I apologize. 


  1. it looks like you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. Awwwww sounds like you has a good weekend :) hope Brooke is feeling better!

  3. Having a weekly date night is quite healthy! We have a newborn, so our date nights have practically disappeared! :-/

  4. What's a date night? Haven't had one of those in awhile, time to book them in regularly.

  5. It actually sounds like a pretty good weekend to me. I hope Brooke is feeling better!


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