My Friend

In Memory of my dear and special friend Carol Ann 


You have a special place in my heart.. We laugh, we cry, we rank coffee, we shoe shopped which was both of our fav things to do, we both love shoes,  we spent hours per day chatting, we spent many nights chatting til we fell to sleep.
You are an amazing friend to me,I will miss the time we spent  together

She fought a brave and strong battle for two months but the cancer would not allow her to get better. She took each day in stride, never really complaining, always feeling tired but always positive. She hoped that it would all go away and life would continue as normal. This was my hope too.

I’ve been looking back at all the thousands of messages she sent me on Facebook.  Even faced with such an extreme challenge, her faith and will to fight never waivered.  She was fighting for her life…. fighting for her family. She never wanted to leave her mom alone who she lived with, she never wanted to go first. 

Carol, I promise to take care of your mom, I will be a friend to her, I will not take your place as no one can... but I will take care of her for you, this week every person I have talked to  have had nothing but good to say about you, everyone loves you, you were such an amazing person to everyone who knew you and your memories will stay with us. 

Carol Anne i love you and will hold our memories forever in my heart. Go rest high on that mountain... You fought a good fight, you kept the faith. Rest In Peace my friend

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