1. You have a live-in spider killer.
2. Studies have shown married couples live longer.
3. You get to have a sleepover with your best friend every night of the week. 
4. You have someone to build a family with.
5. Studies show that married couples have more sex and better sex.
6. You will always have someone to call, text or talk to.
7. You have someone to be there “in sickness.”
8. You have a two-person team to handle everything.
9. You have a lifelong cuddle buddy/sex partner.
10. You have someone to grow old with.
11. You are each other’s biggest fans.
12. Sex gets better the longer you’re together.
13. You can kiss … a lot.
14. You get a human blanket to keep you warm at night.
15. There’s always someone to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day with.
16. When it comes to kids, it’s the two of you against them.
17. Companionship is comforting.
18. Sex can count as a birthday present.
19. The emotional support of a spouse is priceless.
20. You’re always with your best friend.
21. You have someone to open jars and lift heavy things.
22. You have someone to share special moments with.
23. You have someone to make you laugh.
24. You get to tell folks, “I’m taken.”
25. You also get to say “He/She’s mine.”
26. You can pick one another up after a hard day.
27. You have someone to share your best moments with.
28. You have someone to hold your hand at your hardest moments.
29. You get to have awesome inside jokes with one another.
30. You have an awesome partner to do life with.


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