Pet peeve!!

Thankful for this blog. 
Some days I have thoughts that I would like to share and get advice etc but the minute I share things on Facebook- someone is calling me and asking me what is wrong.. etc.. 

There don't always have to be some thing "wrong". I am female after all and we have thoughts and feelings and there do not have to be a reason with it. 

Like yesterday I was feeling so down because my daddy got bad news from the Dr, so I posted this on Facebook " Home feels so far away today, especially when the news is upsetting" immediately my phone lit up like a Christmas tree on Christmas eve because the nosy people just had to know... drives me crazy.  If I wanted to share why I felt down I would have posted what was wrong.. then they call my parents and tell them I am sad and feeling down and this in turn gets them down.. so from now on, my thoughts and feelings will only be shared on here. 

The other thing that bugs me is when people wear mismatched socks, I know it is the new trend but it annoys me, like why?? What is so fashionable about wearing mis matched socks
To me it is not a waste of time to match up socks when I do laundry, my daughter will try to wear them as mismatched as well and I refuse to let her do it. 

Does this bug anyone else? 


  1. Don't get me started on socks - especially mismatched ones :)

  2. I'm afraid to say I've been wearing mismatched socks for years before it was fashionable to do so! I think it's wise to guard your heart whilst on social media as posting often invites unfavourable responses from others.

  3. I've learned that Facebook is a double edged sword. I try to pray before I post and reach out to one or two friends I can be totally open with.

  4. I hate mismatched socks as well, but my husband doesn't want to throw out both of one is still good. He'll keep it and pair it up with another one. :)
    Facebook (and all social media) is a bundle of kittens (who are awake and squirmy)! I try to post either positive things or negative things only after they have happened and been resolved. I save the immediate negative issues for my close friends.

  5. My kids love mismatched socks and PJs. They even wear the PJs inside out on purpose. It's pretty funny, but sometimes I wish they would wear the cute matching sets I get them!

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