Key Things We Often Overlook When It Comes to Health

When we think about looking after our health, we tend to focus on things like diet, exercise, sleep, hydration and quitting dangerous vices. And of course, all of these things are absolutely vital when it comes to living a healthy life. However, there are a number of additional things we can overlook or just forget about completely, and can be doing things every day that put these at risk. Here are some examples. 

Our vision is so important, the idea of losing our sight is the stuff of nightmares for most. But there's plenty of things many of us do every day which can be risking sight loss. Not using safety equipment when we’re DYing, not wearing sunglasses on bright days, using products in or around the eyes that are expired or not fit for use such as certain types of cosmetics and eye drops. Before putting anything in or around your eyes, check the expiry date and make sure it comes from a reliable source, for example cheap cosmetics from China have been shown to contain everything from rodent droppings to heavy metals. 

We tend to take our hearing a little for granted, admittedly it tends to cause less problems than the eyes which can be more sensitive. However, hearing damage and issues like tinnitus can result from hearing a very loud noise even once. Things like festivals and music gigs and noisy work environments can all take their toll over time. If you’re regularly exposed to noisy environments, click here to find out more about what kind of ear protection you might need. 

Mental health
We’re all aware of the importance of physical health, but mental health is something that can still be overlooked- even this day in age. Excessive work without enough rest can lead to emotional burnout, even low levels of stress each day without a proper break can lead to or exacerbate conditions like depression and anxiety. It’s great that talking about mental health is becoming less taboo as those suffering feel confident opening up and seeking the help that they need, but many people still struggle in silence. If you’ve been feeling low, stressed or just not like yourself for an extended period, reach out and get the help you deserve. 

Blood sugar
Blood glucose is used to carry energy to all of the cells in the body, with insulin being the hormone which transfers the sugars to the cells. But a poor diet and lifestyle can eventually cause this system to break down, the body can become insulin resistant and eventually full blown diabetes can develop. This often happens when blood sugars are elevated for too long, such as drinking a lot of alcohol or eating lots of sweet and sugary foods. In normal healthy people, the occasional sweet treat is no cause for concern, but if you've already developed some insulin resistance your blood glucose can become elevated and cause all kinds of issues in the body. 

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