Things You Should Know About Auto Sliding Gate Kits

The systems of Auto Sliding Gate Kits are customized to work in a way that two same size gates slide over one another on a metal track. These gates are operated by remote control. The purpose of these gates is to prevent intruders from entering the building. This is called a sophisticated way to protect your premises. These gates meet the needs of the client or the homeowner who wishes to buy the equipment. These are heavy-duty application materials. 

Auto Sliding Gate Kits are usually made up of metal. The thrust to open up the gates is given by the clutch, which is made of iron and steel. There is no risk of power failure. 
The gates slide to one side when the gate opens. The operation is also smooth, and the doors do not get jammed easily. The safety standards are quite high. The gates are not very costly, and the service is precise at the same time. If electricity failure occurs, then the gates can also be opened manually. The Auto Sliding Gate Kits look better when those have been painted.

Specifications Of The Sliding Gates

Auto Sliding Gate Kits
  1. The gates work on the electricity voltage of 220 V. 
  2. The motor operates on alternating current and 0.5 horsepower. 
  3. The Auto Sliding Gate Kits close very fast, and the speed of the same is that the gates move at 1 foot per second. 
  4. If someone wishes to know what the weight of the gate would be then it can be estimated to weigh around 500-1000 kg. The weight is quite a lot and thus what matters is that a team of professional construction workers would be needed to install the equipment. 
  5. The range at which the remote works is that you can handle the remote from 30 meters away. 

Miscellaneous Details:

You will need to know for your interest that you get a minimum year of warranty along with the gate. The spare parts are available forever, and the quality is the same as approved by CRISIL. These are also called Gandhi standards. The Auto Sliding Gate Kits equipment is safe, and the assembly and organization are stable and worthy of the money that one spends on it. The quality is best for safety. 
Auto Sliding Gate Kits
You, as a client, do not need to go for personnel training to install the gate because that will be done by the company that manufactures the gates. You need to choose a manufacturing company that has a good reputation in the market to get a sturdy and durable gate.

Bits Of Information:

These doors are standard but not the same as conventional doors that come your way. These doors are basically for indoor applications. The doors do not cause any interruptions and are perfect to use as a part of the whole building architecture application. 

These are smart and advanced models of such doors available in the market to fulfill your requirements and give you a satisfactory result. These gates are manufactured for all industries and not just household purposes. 
Auto Sliding Gate Kits
These doors have dual entrances and dual exit options. The performance is superior, and the gates meet the most demanding environments where these gates can be fitted. You could find these doors in hospitals, malls, and even in colleges. 

These are from brands you trust, and all you need to buy in addition to these gates would be available at your doorstep, and gate engineers would come to your door and deliver the services. 


The massive traffic zones can buy these gates, and the ergo designs would be available at low costs. These Auto Sliding Gate Kits are fit to your needs and give maximum opening space. The sleek design would impress everyone. 

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