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If you have spent the last twelve months working from home due to coronavirus, you aren’t alone. Thousands of workers around the world have done exactly the same; what used to be a job that involved a commute, seeing colleagues each day, social interaction and in-person meetings is now a solo position that is operated from home. Love it or loathe it, remote working seems to be the norm nowadays - and as the pandemic rages on, the situation doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon.

Working from home is no fun without an office space to call your own. If you have tried working from the kitchen table, you will know that working without your own designated space can be a nightmare to say the least. 

Here’s how to update, or even create, a home office in time for spring 2021!

  1. Focus on comfort

Whatever your version of a comfortable space looks like, that’s what your office should be. While many people leave their office space as cold and dull, without a sense of ease or relaxation, this can actually make you less motivated. Your office should be a place you want to be, not a place you actively avoid because it’s uncomfortable and boring.

Here are a few comfort ideas for a home office.

  • Get an office chair that helps your spine. There’s nothing like dealing with backache to ruin a day at work, right? Invest in an office chair that supports you.

  • Keep the temperature comfortable. If you are anticipating hot weather in spring and summer, speak to an air conditioning company about keeping your home office cool.

  • Bring a few of your favorite pillows or throws into the space. Don’t reserve your favorite items for your sitting room or bedroom - bring a few of them to work with you!

  1. Remove distractions

When working from home, it can be very easy to become distracted. After all, your home is usually the place you relax with family and switch off from a hard day at the office. When the home is combined with the office, these associations can get muddled, and you can wind up sitting on the couch at 10am with no motivation to work whatsoever!

When it comes to designing a home office that will help your productivity and keep you focused, removing distractions is essential. This means that the room you designate as your home office shouldn’t contain objects that you know will tease your focus away from the work at hand. This includes TVs, personal devices like playstations, or magazines.

  1. Decorate!

Last but not least, it’s time to decorate! If you love bright colors, make sure to implement them into your office space. If you love muted, neutral tones, do that! Put house plants, scented candles and fun pictures in there for good measure. After all, you are going to spend at least eight hours per day in that room; you might as well make it a space you enjoy being in.

Making a space you love takes effort, but by the end, you will have created a comfortable space that helps your productivity levels!

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