Sons of Thunder

Combat vet Simon motorcycles across the country, working odd jobs, helping those God puts in his path, and trying to atone for past sins in a biker club.

Simon is an inspiration because after all he went thru he still found the strength to keep going  and he is always asking everyone he meets "Do You Know Jesus", as people are today some would scowl or give him a weird look but he would keep asking. 

Little recap of each episode: 

Episode 1: Mi Casa Es Su Casa — Simon prevents cartel soldiers from kidnapping a local rancher’s son.
Episode 2: The Blind Fighting the Blind — Simon’s new boss has a temper that threatens to destroy his family and his marriage.
Episode 3: Hunter Hunted — After hitting a deer with his motorcycle, Simon is given a place to stay by a woman who’s game ranch is plagued by poachers.
Episode 4: Time and Chance — When Simon’s bike is stolen, the only way for him to get it back is in a poker game.
Episode 5: Deep Water — Simon runs out of money and gets a job with a widowed boat captain, taking clients out into the gulf to catch fish.
Episode 6: Brother’s Keeper Part 1 — When Simon’s bike breaks down, he’s forced to repair it at a shop owned by the sleazy president of a local biker club.
Episode 6: Brother’s Keeper Part 2 — Simon continues work at the bike shop. But when his old club rolls into town, Simon has to let go and move on, or confront his past.

After my Christmas trip was cancelled due to covid restrictions, I knew I would need something to occupy me and so I binge watched this and could not get enough.  I am thrilled that a new spin off show called " Sons of Thunder: Redemption" and I cannot wait til this one is out so I can binge this one. 

Here  is how you can watch it #SonsOfThunderMIN

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