Renovating Your Kitchen in 2022: 4 Fantastic Trends and Innovations

When it comes to kitchen design trends, 2022 has a lot in store for us. With a plethora of state-of-the-art solutions when it comes to colors, finishes and appliances, but also staying true to some classics that have been safe to rely on for decades, it’s no wonder some are wondering what to pay attention to this year. Whether you want something fresh and modern, or you want to stick to the classics, consulting with renovators that deliver kitchens direct to you is the way to go. By consulting with kitchen designers, they will be able to better advise you on what would work well in your kitchen with the space and lighting you have to work with. It's important to remember that kitchen designs are often influenced by the smaller changes and utilities you apply, such as implementing the best kitchen hoods and cabinet trimmings. If you’re thinking about redesigning and upgrading your kitchen and you’re trying to come up with the best ways to do so, here are some phenomenal suggestions for you.

Customizing for Decluttering

In the past, if you wanted to have plenty of storage space in your kitchen, you were rarely in a position to have any open shelving where you could display your beautiful kitchenware. For some people, that meant that they couldn’t get the kitchen design they wanted. However, nowadays things have evolved and you don’t have to compromise style for space anymore. There is a whole range of functional ideas which allow you to customize your kitchen cabinets and shelves to be practical and appealing at the same time. Various built-in organizers and other efficient storage concepts can make your kitchen space more organized, with everything in it systematized and easy to reach, but crafted so that you get the layout you’ve always longed for in your home. Kitchens that meet all your needs are something you’ll see more of this year, so feel free to turn to designers who’ll help you come up with the ideal combination of style and functionality.

Black is Back

In 2022, many homeowners will opt for completely black kitchens. This trend, that seems to be gaining momentum, will be embraced by people around the world, but it seems that Australians are especially attracted to it. However, even if you don’t want a kitchen that dark, some black will definitely be welcome. It can add to the elegance of your kitchen and even make it look more dramatic instantly. For example, black ranges are expected to sell well in all parts of the world this year, Australia included. Similarly, if you try to find top-quality kitchen sinks in Australia, you’ll see that they’re mostly black, which is in tune with the latest trends. You’ll also notice that these sinks are mostly granite and stainless steel, both of which are durable and resistant to scratches, making them extremely popular. If you want to complement these black focal points with other black details, you can choose some black handles and knobs for consistency.

In with the Green

Green is the color, but also the mindset of the year. First of all, as the color of the cabinets get bolder and more vibrant, green will be the preference of the masses and this is a tendency that will only get stronger in the upcoming period. The hues will range from dusky to lighter and brighter greens, meaning that any shade of green you like will do. Given that green looks amazing when combined with hardwood floors, making your kitchen green might also be the most reasonable solution. Aside from that, the ecological awareness that has been on the rise will also dominate the kitchen-related decision-making everywhere. Using recycled and sustainable materials in your kitchen design, as well as getting quartz countertops and energy-efficient appliances and lighting fixtures will be a must for many. Plus, no-VOC or at least low-VOC paints and finishes will be in demand. People will be more mindful when picking worktop and floor materials, as they’ll go for those that are long-lasting, so that they don’t have to be replaced for as long as possible. This and smart appliances, such as water-saving dishwashers and energy-conscious fridges will be something people will gladly invest in to keep their kitchens and their homes eco-friendly.

White Goes Warmer

White kitchens are sleek and classic, which means they aren’t something that is likely to go completely out of fashion any time soon. However, it’s apparent that their popularity is somewhat declining. Namely, as good as white may look at first, it can make the space look too sterile and cold, which homeowners don’t seem to appreciate as much as they used to. Instead of sticking to the white, they’ll look for alternatives which are similar enough to keep the space elegant and polished, but slightly warmer. Nude tones, cream and other off-white colors will replace the pure whiteness of the kitchens around the globe. That way people will still be able to enjoy the monochromatic and clean space, but with a touch of warmth that they lacked before. Another reason to go with other colors is that it can be overly demanding and challenging to maintain the cleanliness of an all-white kitchen. Spending too much time on upkeeping is a complication that can be easily avoided and is something people will keep in mind when choosing a color for their kitchen in 2022.

Staying on top of all the trends and getting the kitchen of your dreams will probably be one and the same thing this year. With these excellent design suggestions, you’ll be able to renovate your kitchen in the best way possible and make it a place you’ll love spending your time in for years to come. 

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