Sometimes you take the long way home


Some people may think it is silly that I celebrate my 2nd year at my job, but to me it is worth celebrating. 

So many jobs for me failed because of very poor management who thought it would be okay to treat the employees like garbage.  

Pharmachoice/NNY has been a healing for me.  I no longer struggle with going to work, I know I wont be abused there. We laugh, we eat way too many desserts, we all get along and we are family. The office is a safe place for us . 

It has been a growing place for me, a place where I have the opportunity to learn about the business.  

I am so thankful they took a chance on me, they welcomed me with open arms and I have never been so content in a job in my entire life. 

Here's to Forever- or at least until retirement 

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