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Sometimes a home can do with a little more than a sporting clean. Occasionally it needs an entire overhaul; other times a few simple changes here and there can make a world of difference. If you find yourself looking about and no longer feeling inspired by your surroundings, then it is time to spruce things up a little. The good news is, not everything has to cost a fortune. Take a look at the list below and see if any of these ideas can help you transform your home. 

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Fix Things

If you have a lot of broken things lying about, this can make you feel down in the dumps as well as look unsightly. Broken picture frames, handles hanging off doors, and curtains that permanently have to be closed as there is a dodgy curtain rod all play o the mind no matter how much you pretend they don't. Get your notepad out, list all the things that need fixing, and get out there and fix them. It doesn't take much to look at buy curtain rods online . Not only can you fix things, but you can also enhance the look and feel of your home too. This is added bonus.  


Most homes have clutter. Even the homes that appear clean and tidy are inundated with clutter. Old furniture, full drawers, and cupboards, having nowhere to put things, most homes have these issues, and decluttering is the answer. Sometimes we are forced to declutter through some sort of problem. At other times, it can take valiant effort to declutter. Most people look in that overflowing drawer and shut it again, thinking ill deal with that later. The trouble is that later never comes until times of change are forced upon us. The good news is once you start decluttering, it becomes a lot easier. First of all, you sever that attachment to useless things, and you get into a flow. You feel better in your mind. As the physical clutter disappears, stress and anxiety are lifted from the mind. Declutter creates more space, makes the home neater and tidier, it even makes you healthier in terms of mental health and physical health. Dust and mold can build up in cluttered homes, and over time this can cause a myriad of health problems.   

Feature Wall

A great way to add more personality and inspiration to a room is to create a feature wall. This is usually done in the living room, although you can do it in any room you want. Take a look and decide which wall can be the feature. Repaint it a bright color, if you like bright, or cover it in some inspiring wallpaper, whatever takes your fancy. Once you have done this, you can add lots of pictures and canvases to it. Inspirational quotes, pictures of some of your loved ones, and great times. The choice is yours. The important thing is to have something that adds to your personality. An arty person may see the home as an extension of themselves, filling it with arty things. All this can help inspire and add that sparkle back to your home.

A Little Greenery

Indoor plants can make a room come to life. If you live alone and have no pets, plants can make you feel a little less alone. Not only do plants look great, but they can also purify the air in your home. They suck in toxins and breath out fresh, clean oxygen. They also have the power to make you feel happier. Plants can even reduce your stress levels, which is a massive bonus in this hectic and stressful world we live in. The good news is most plants are pretty easy to take care of. Water is all most of them need, and a small amount of pruning every now and again.

Upgrade Certain Features

Are you a bit tired of your bathroom? Well, instead of forking out for a new bath and sink, why not change out the faucets? New faucets are a great alternative to changing the entire bathroom. If the new faucets are different enough, it will make it look as though you have changed the bath and sink, so go shopping with a view to making it as different as possible. Other things to consider changes are the door handles and drawer handles. New lamp shades or lamps can make a big difference too. Don't underestimate how lighting can affect the mood of a room. The idea is to make small changes that upgrade the look and feel instantly.

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