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A few days ago I spoke with a friend and she was telling me about an incident she went thru and how she views her self. I was choking down every word because this is how I see myself as well... it was like she was reading my mail or my private journal.  But in reality, I know a lot of women struggle with this same thing. I can ask any of my friends and they do not like how they look.  Social media plays a big role... you see those influencers who are a size 2 or 3 and people want to look like them, well news flash- we are all different so we cannot all look the same. 

I struggle with my weight, it affects my self-esteem. I want to go back to the size I was when I was first married, a size 3, but a whole lot of life has happened since then.  

You may be giving yourself negative messages about yourself. Many people do. These are messages that you learned when you were young. You learned from many different sources including other children, your teachers, family members, caregivers, even from the media, and from prejudice and stigma in our society.

Once you have learned them, you may have repeated these negative messages over and over to yourself, especially when you were not feeling well or when you were having a hard time. You may have come to believe them. You may have even worsened the problem by making up some negative messages or thoughts of your own. These negative thoughts or messages make you feel bad about yourself and lower your self-esteem.

Some examples of common negative messages that people repeat over and over to themselves include: "I am a jerk," "I am a loser," "I never do anything right," "No one would ever like me," I am a klutz." Most people believe these messages, no matter how untrue or unreal they are. They come up immediately in the right circumstance, for instance, if you get a wrong answer you think "I am so stupid." They may include words like should, ought, or must. The messages tend to imagine the worst in everything, especially you, and they are hard to turn off or unlearn.

You may think these thoughts or give yourself these negative messages so often that you are hardly aware of them. Pay attention to them. Carry a small pad with you as you go about your daily routine for several days and jot down negative thoughts about yourself whenever you notice them. Some people say they notice more negative thinking when they are tired, sick, or dealing with a lot of stress. As you become aware of your negative thoughts, you may notice more and more of them.

If someone says something good about you, how does it make you feel? I always say something negative... Eg: that is such a nice outfit so I say it's so old. I never even think about Thank you until it's too late. Why am I/we like this?

I have spent so much of my life trying to make people like me that I struggle with believing their compliments.  

God looks at more than our weight so why do we let it consume us? We see a dessert so we want it and we eat it, we all  say "you only live once" yet you look at your husband and think he ate just as much, why did he not gain the weight

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness…” So God created man in his image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” (Genesis 1:26-27)

But God created us in his image, in his image he created us- to me that verse is very powerful.  Being made in the image of God is not some abstract theological concept. It provides the basis for how we understand and approach every area of life. Our view of human nature, how we treat people and the environment, and the value we place on human life and human culture, are all grounded in our understanding of Imago Dei(Latin shorthand for the image of God). In a secular world that has largely jettisoned the concept, we must develop our ability to articulate and defend it, as well as apply it to the specific challenges being brought to bear within our society.

  So if God does not look at us this way- why do we look at ourselves this way- he created us in his image so are we insulting God when we do not like what we see?

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