Change is hard....

As a little girl ( elementary school) anytime someone asked me what I would like to go when I was all done in grade school- I always said a teacher because I thought teacher jobs were so cool and you got your summers off... My idea changed as I got older and then I wanted to be a funeral director but the long hours weren't ideal for someone who wanted a husband and kids. 

Somewhere in there, I wanted to a transport truck driver, I am glad that changed because I do not like to drive

My boyfriend lived about 7 hours away so I decided to go there and attend a little college called "Lawrence College" and decided to do Office administration. Once I moved back home I worked at the Police detachment as detachment assistant, I was there for two years when we got married and then I found out I was pregnant while also doing some courses at the local college- I left the Police detachment and we moved 7 hours back to St John's. 

I was a stay at home mom with Brooke until she was two then my sister came and lived with us and babysat her. 

I went to work in a call center as a customer service rep, working with  my husband who was my supervisor 😐. It really wasn't that bad but we saw each other all the time so he got a job in the IT field which is what he went to school for so I stayed where I was and he moved on. The days were long,  the calls were horrible and the management was some of the worst. 

Someone gave me the idea to call Manpower and work contract work with them which I did... I worked with them for almost 10 years, barely ever without a contract.  They were mainly office admin jobs, some were short contracts, some were longer and even a year for some.   

One day my husband came home and said I have a job offer in Halifax, PEI or Fredericton, I had some good friends in Fredericton so I said Fredericton.  We sold everything and packed up and started over in New Brunswick.  

I continued working for Manpower which I did for a year and a bit. Then I was an apt coordinator for a car dealership which I did not mind doing at all. I left that job for more money which turned out to be horrible decision. I was verbally, mentally and emotionally abused at the job.

Fast forward to the world shutting down for Covid and I lost my job which was a blessing in disguise.  I stayed home for several months then I went to work for NNY holdings/Pharmachoice which was a healing spot for me.   The first day I walked in the door, I felt peace. I was appreciated and I learnt so much.  The office manager had so much patience with me, she taught me a lot about bookkeeping, in fact she taught me everything she knew ( ha ha).

I was visiting with  my counselor and she told me about a job at a law firm which I have no legal experience at all but I thought well why not go see what this is about... so I did because years ago I have realized that I was always interested in law but never thought I would be a legal assistant... but here I am. He hired me and I am here.  I cannot say content yet as I am learning but I feel I am where I need to be. 

All this to say I have moved around some, but as I get older I am learning to become more content with what I have and where I am.  This firm is a great place to be, it is a whole new world for me but I think back to how far I have come and I say to myself “ Self, I am going to make you so proud”

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