Why Renting An Apartment Is Less Stressful Than Owning A House

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For many of us, a big goal in life has always been to own a house. We want to get our foot on the property ladder and move into a nice big home that’s all ours. Don’t get me wrong, home ownership has loads of benefits. It is probably a good idea to look into buying a house when the time is right. 

On the other hand…owning a house is very stressful. If you’re a tightly-strung person, it could be less stressful to rent an apartment instead. Allow me to explain why…

Problems are fixed for you

Got a leaky tap? Is your air conditioning not working? Are there cracks forming in the wall?

All of these household problems cost money for you to fix as the owner. When you rent, they’re handled by the landlord. Well, they should be - if your landlord isn’t paying to fix household issues, you can probably take legal action

Any small household issues become ten times more stressful when you have sole responsibility for the property. You start worrying when there’s bad weather in case your roof leaks again - in a rented apartment, it’s not as big of an issue for the tenant. 

You get extra services

Depending on where your apartment is located, you could have a range of extra services at your disposal. Some luxury developments like Meriton Apartments come with concierges, gyms, outdoor green areas, washing rooms, and much more. Even basic apartment buildings will give you a few extra services to take advantage of. 

The main one is the ability to keep packages when you’re not in. Delivery people will be able to buzz a neighbor who can let them into the building where they’ll leave your package by the door. It’s a little thing, but there’s nothing worse than constantly missing deliveries when you’re at work!

In a house, you have no extra help, no amenities, and the stress of always needing to reschedule deliveries. 

There’s less maintenance

Living in a rental apartment means you have less maintenance to worry about. In general, apartments are smaller and easier for you to maintain/look after. 

Alongside this, you won’t have a garden to worry about. If there are some green areas or a communal garden, they’ll be maintained by whoever owns or manages the apartment building! 

Make no mistake about it, owning a house is super advantageous from a financial perspective. You’re no longer paying rent - and you have a sizeable investment. However, you can’t deny that it is more stressful living as a homeowner. So many responsibilities land on your plate and you have to deal with them alone. 

If you already have a lot of stress in your life, perhaps you should reconsider home ownership. Maybe it’s worth holding off until you’re more financially stable and don’t have a million and one things to juggle at once. Also, don’t feel as though renting is a bad thing. It can be beneficial in many ways, as shown in the points above.

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