5 Ways to Serve Your Customers Faster

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You can boost sales and gain a better reputation if you serve your customers faster. Self-service systems are a current modern feature. But keeping customers informed of where to go and what to do is also part of a better process. It isn't hard, so here are a few tips to help get you started.

Streamline the Service Process

The service process itself must be efficient, or you risk people becoming angry as no one likes to wait. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to improve this. If you haven't done so already, buy card readers for your store. Check out this guide to chip card readers for vital info. With remote readers, you can offer pre–service assistance while a customer is waiting in line. This means they can pay for their products before actually getting to the primary EPOS.

Install Self-Service Systems

Most of us don't like the idea of cutting jobs in favor of AI or automated machines. But they can be a massive help in a store. When used right, you can have them assist your staff rather than replace them. For example, touch-screen ordering boards (like in McDonald's) make the ordering process much more efficient and faster. And self-service has revolutionized the supermarket system. However, stay aware that many customers still prefer the human touch.

Serve Your Customers Faster with Better Queuing

There's nothing wrong with using a one-queue system where customers are branched to different EPOS terminals to pay. However, it could be the case that not all customers are queuing to pay for something. For instance, in a clothing store, some might be queuing to return an item. This means they are taking up space in payment queues and taking time from your employees as they process and deal with a return. So, separate lines for each system are vital.

Make Sure Customers Know What to Do

A lack of explanation of where to go and what to do in your store can cause a nightmare for you and for customers. For example, customers need clear queuing information. Clearly marked signs and standing markers are ideal for this. Yet customers also need to know when to come to a checkout. For instance, you may operate a ticketing system. So it helps to install a clearly visible digital ticketing display that can be seen from almost anywhere in your establishment.

Fill Their Time with Distractions

This last one isn't really quicker, but it can help customers feel like their time has passed. When customers stand in line or sit in a waiting room, it can feel like time slows down because their brains aren't engaged. And all they want is to be serviced and leave to get on with their day. Magazines, free Wi-Fi, and even digital information and promo signs are excellent for this. And some stores now offer SMS services to inform a customer of when to come to checkout.


To serve your customers faster, you need to organize your systems better. To do this, it helps to streamline the service process, optimize your queuing system, and offer waiting distractions.

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