My 2024 wish for you:

I wish you would understand that your worth is determined by the size of your heart - Not the size of your waist. 

I wish you would realize that you are not defined by the letters after your name, or the letters before it.

I wish you would understand that your place in this world is not determined by the number on your paycheque. Or the one on your scale. 

I wish you would stop chasing those who are only there for you because of what you can bring to the table. I wish you would seek out those who would love you equally, whether you are at the table... Or whether you are in the trenches. 

I wish you would realize that much of the weight you are carrying on your shoulders is not yours to carry. I wish you would understand that passing it over does not make you weak. Nor insignificant. 

I wish you would end the self talk that your only valuable worth is in what you do; in how hard you hustle. I wish you would see that success is best measured in the things that you do that don’t make you money.

I wish you would acknowledge all your feelings: the hard, the sad, the heavy. I wish you would give yourself permission to sit in them, and feel them all. And I wish you would then give yourself permission to release them. (*see above. it’s not your weight to carry)

I wish you would allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to find people. Like, good people. People that just won’t love you for a season, but will stay and ride the train with you forever. Show them who you are. Like, who you really, really are. They will love you. I promise. 

I wish you would wear the dress that hugs your curves. I wish you would drink the wine that you’ve been saving. I wish you would enjoy the sunset that you don’t take the time to stop and breathe in.

I wish you would allow yourself permission to take up space.

I wish you would stop forcing yourself to stay small. 

I wish this new year gives you new happiness, new joy, new meaning. 

I wish that, three hundred and sixty five days from now, you can say that you lived in twenty twenty four. 

Not just existed - You lived. 

And I hope that you will pat yourself on the back for it all. The big, and the small. Actually, especially the small. 

Happy 2024, my friends. 

I hope this year is everything you want it to be. x

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