It’s time for the protests to stop and for us to support Israel!

President Biden continues to jump between approving and disapproving of anti-Israel protests depending on his audience. We need to stand up for our brothers and sisters in Is-
rael, we need to #HelpIsraelMIN.  It's time for the protests to stop and for us to support Israel!

Stop the media’s lies about the attacks on Israel! See real headlines about what’s
actually going on in the world below, and then sign the petition to end anti-Israel

Anti-Israel protester blocks traffic using her baby: This video captures an anti-
Israel protester holding her baby while standing in front of a car to block traf-
fic. Another protester can be heard asking for a replacement for the mother,noting her willingness to risk her child’s life. Additionally, another parent with
a small child and dog are seen standing in the path of traffic. See video: LINK

George Washington U grads storm out of graduation ceremony in anti-Israel
protest: Dozens of George Washington University graduates walked out of
commencement ceremonies on Sunday, disrupting university President Ellen
Granberg's speech, in protest over the ongoing war in Gaza and last week's
clearing of an on-campus protest encampment that involved police use of pep-
per spray and dozens of arrests. See more: LINK

Harvard Prevents Twelve Anti-Israel Protesters from Graduating at Commence-
ment: The Harvard College Administrative Board will be preventing twelve seniors from graduating at commencement and at least one senior will be required to withdraw for three semesters, the Harvard Crimson reported. Two of the twelve seniors were among the five suspended students who were forced to withdraw from Harvard College, the university’s undergraduate liberal arts school. See more: LINK

Philadelphia university president reacts after at least 75 anti-Israel protestors
descend on campus: A group of at least 75 anti-Israel agitators staged an en-
campment at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Saturday
evening. The president said that encampment raised “understandable con-
cerns” about safety on campus. See more: LINK

Seeking Peace: Israel has repeatedly expressed its willingness to engage in dia-
logue and negotiate for a lasting peace with the Palestinians. However, achiev-
ing peace requires a genuine commitment from both sides to recognize each
other’s right to exist and to engage in constructive negotiations without vio-
lence or terrorism.

Complexity of the Conflict: The situation in the Middle East is complex, with historical, religious, and geopolitical dimensions. It’s crucial to understand the multifaceted nature of the conflict and avoid oversimplification or one-sided
narratives that ignore the broader context.

Addressing Root Causes: To achieve long-term peace, it’s necessary to address
the root causes of the conflict, such as incitement to violence, terrorism, and
the refusal to recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state. Encouraging a
shift towards education for coexistence and mutual respect is crucial for fos-tering lasting peace.

Combatting Terrorism: Hamas, a designated terrorist organization, exploits civilian areas in Gaza, using them as launch sites for rocket attacks on Israeli civilians. The international community must condemn terrorism in all its forms and hold accountable those who use violence against civilians for political gain.

Fetterman: Biden Is Trying to ‘Have Both Sides’ on Israel-Hamas War: Senator
John Fetterman (D-PA) said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that President Joe Biden 
was tryin to have “both sides” on the Israel-Hamas war. See more: LINK

• Sign the anti-rioting petition and support Israel today!
Petition: LINK 

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