How To Improve And Avoid Drainage Systems

 Your drainage system is something to be mindful of, especially during the times of the year when the rainfall is at its heaviest. At the same time, how you maintain and treat your drains, will directly impact the entirety of your drainage system.

With that being said, you should be mindful of how you look after it, in order to save yourself the hassle of repairs and the cost of it too. 

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Inspect your drains for any obstructions

First and foremost, take a visual check of your drains when you can. This should be something you do regularly. That way, you can keep on top of any problems before they do severe damage to your drains and piping further down.

Inspecting these drains is easy enough to do and if you’re struggling to see down the drain, then a flashlight can be handy to have nearby to check. It might not be the most enjoyable practice putting your hand down a drain pipe, so it’s better to take a visual check to avoid the latter when it comes to dealing with your drainage system.

Fix any foundational problems that are causing flooding

Foundational problems with your home can impact your drainage system. Fixing any foundational problems should be at the top of your to-do list. 

If you’ve noticed that there’s not enough sloping, then you might want to fix this with RS Foundations. That way you can fix any flooding risks that come with drainage systems and piping.

Use cleaning products to clear out drains

Cleaning products are useful for adding to your drains and clearing them out effectively. There are some homemade options that might be worth concocting but you can easily buy some chemical-heavy based options when you have some serious drainage blockages that need sorting.

Of course, when you’re struggling to clear a blockage, you should get a professional plumber in. This will fix the problem and be less hassle for you as the homeowner too. 

Clean away gutters of debris

Your gutters are crucial to drain away water, rather than have it sit around the base of the home. Therefore, it’s important to keep the gutters clean of debris. Have it on your to-do list to go around the outside of the property, checking the gutters.

This little home maintenance check will really help with clearing debris and keeping your drainage system in good condition. 

Add extra mulch to the garden to absorb water

Finally, when it comes to improving drainage systems, it’s worth adding some extra mulch to the garden and any exterior areas that are applicable in order to help absorb excess water. Mulch is a great material to put around plants and trees to help absorb water after rainfall so that it doesn’t impact your home’s foundations.

Improving your drainage system and avoiding drainage system problems is key, so use these tips to help keep your home’s drains in check this year, all year round. 

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