Confessional Friday

Another Friday to Confess my thoughts to you 

Today I confess....
1) I am loving the Good Wife show on netflix, 
This show is an American television legal and political drama, i love it,always something new and you learn about crime and lawyers.. I like it 

2. Christmas has arrived to our house- the tree went up Monday, i am not sure how I feel about the purple, but Brooke loves it, so if she is happy then I am happy 

3.  Very excited for next weekend, it is our annual trip away with my hubby, we have done it for 3 years now and I look forward to it very much, we spend time together, meet up with his co workers for dinner, it is also his work christmas party, it is a great time.

4. Many days I feel like such a failure as a wife and a mom- I am a clean house freak.... if my family comes home and they don't hang their coat up or they leave a glass not in the dishwasher, I feel like my world comes crashing down, I have to have a spotless house at all times.. drives my family crazy but I cannot help it.

5. my husband is the best in the world, I have been having a crazy week and he brought me a tea and a candy cane doughnut, he is the best. I love those little things he does.


  1. Little gifts are so thoughtful! And enjoy the adult time. Nothing revives me more!!

  2. I think I watched one episode of the Good wife.. I just have so many shows, that one didn't stick. I too have an awesome hubby. I woke up today and the dishes were done! I was so happy. Have a great weekend!

  3. I love the purple on the tree!!! I love the pop of colour on a traditional (well, actually untraditional) tree...we opted for teal ;-)

  4. I told my hubby today don't even bother walking in the door if his shoes have mud on them. The dogs have been banned from any carpeted areas too. I am with you as the cleaning freak :) But SOMEONE has to keep the place clean. And PS - I like the purple :)


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