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I just want to let you know that God, our creator, is an awesome God! I decided to write on this topic because I often hear people say, “God is good!”

Every time I hear that comment, I just scream, God is better than good, God is awesome!  Then, I began to tell them all the reasons why I say that god is awesome!  Here are at least ten reasons why God, our creator is so awesome!

  • Number one, he haves so much mercy and compassion on us.
  • Number two, he watches over us each and every day, and not only does watch us, he watches over our children and our loved ones as well!
  • Number three, God loves us unconditionally, meaning, he has no strings attached with his love because he is love!
  • Number four, God is working everything out for our good, in other words, whatever we face in this life; remember God is working it all out for our good!
  • Number five, God loved us so much that he gave his one and only son to die for us so that we will have a right to the tree of life!  How many people you know will give up their lives for anyone and everyone? Not many!
  • Number six, God meats all of our needs according to his riches in glory!  He made everything in the world, so he has no problems sharing them with his children.
  • Number seven, God lifts our minds and spirits when we ask him too, and he does it because he loves us.
  • Number eight when we trust in God, he will never let us down. How many have you came to that never let you down? Not only that, how many have you let down?
  • Number nine God feeds the poor!  How many of us have turned our nose up at the poor and needy? Not God, he takes care of the poor, and if you ever get poor, he’ll do the same for you too
  • Number ten, when we’re sad, god will wipe the tears away from our eyes when we ask him too, and he’ll never ever leave us or forsake us!  Now, that’s awesome isn’t it?  

In my conclusion, I beg of everyone who reads this article, to please rethink your word when it’s on your tongue to say God is good, because as you can see in my article, God is better than good he’s awesome! God I love you

Minnie Louise Douglas  

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