Confessional Friday

Today I am Confessing 

1) I am recovering  from my 2nd part of my jaw surgery- this one is much easier then my first one was 

2) I love that my husband tells me instead of going to work early in the mornings, I should relax and write a blog post { one that don't involve him he says } 

3) My job contract is ending very very soon, I have had a couple really good interviews for full time jobs.. so here is hoping 

4) How is it possible that Leslie has been in heaven for almost a month already. 

5) I submitted my first Norwex party tonight, I am so excited to be selling Norwex, want more info- Email: terrigrothe@gmail.com


  1. and with all of that - let's just add one more confession - God is still in charge of it all...

    1. yes he really is- that comment meant a lot to me tonight, thank you

  2. I think confession is so important. Thank you for sharing the good and the hard things. And good luck with the party and job interviews! :D Keep us updated!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with the party and job search/interviews!

  4. Wow, so much to think about! God is in control <3

  5. I can't imagine having to go through jaw surgery! I've had an iear infection on and off for 3 weeks and the pain is unbearable...it raditates all the way down to my jaw!!!

  6. I love reading your confessionals...it makes me feel so much more connected to you. You are so real and honest. I was just thinking of Lesli myself a few days ago. :(

  7. It's good to review things like this, thanks for shareing!


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