Weekend Recap

Another week has come to a close, soon be time to head back to school and back to blogging. 

Friday: I worked til 5 pm- then hubby and I went to a birthday party for an older lady at church, it was a lot of fun, delicious food and lots of laughter. 

When we got home around 10 pm, my girl was back from  camping, for the last weekend this summer before her friends grandma heads back to work on Monday. 

She had a friend over for a sleep over, same friend that she went camping with. 

Saturday:  We had a lazy Saturday where we slept in, did some house chores, some laundry, had a relaxing day, which we all need from time to time. 

We went on a date when Brooke went to youth, we went to the steak house- had steak and shrimp, I had ribs and chicken,

we went to the mall and then for milkshakes where we met up with one his co workers and we chatted and hung out until it was time to pick up Brooke.

I didn't make morning service as I wasn't feeling the best when I woke up.. had a lazy day and went to the evening service, as we are driving for ice cream after church, the sky was saying hello to us

Have a great week 

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  1. What a beautiful sunset! Sounds like a lovely way to end the weekend.


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