Confessional Friday

1) Another Confessional Friday and the beautiful Leslie is not here to celebrate it, I was reading through our past emails tonight, I just miss her so much, she was so full of life, I think of her husband and daughters every day, I cannot imagine how he is feeling, and her sister in laws, they were like the best of friends, Sarah if you are reading this, please know I think of you often. 

2) I lost my job this week ... I knew it was coming along with a lot more people.. the business got sold to another company and I was told three months back in June, I got 6 months out of it.. today is my last day, it will be emotional but I know something better is coming my way. 

3) I am really fascinated with giraffes, right now as I am writing this I am watching the Nature of Things it is all about them tonight, I have never seen so many beautiful animals. You should read up about them, so amazing

4) We have a wedding tonight, well the reception because they got married a few weekends ago, now they are here where he is from to celebrate with us. I cannot wait,  to see her--> I use to babysit her and then she babysat for me
Will post pictures over the weekend for sure. 

5) I confess I am very excited to get some extra sleep next week, my body has not been doing well with sleep lately so I am hoping I can catch up. 

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