Dear Leslie, 

It has been one year of you being in heaven, one year of you being an angel. 

The pain this year has been hard, there have been so many times when I wished I could have messaged you, times I needed advice, times when I went to your instagram looking for a glimpse of the girls only to realize you are not able to update from heaven. Your sister in laws are posting little snippets of them for us. 

Stephen is doing a great job of raising them, you would be so proud of him. 
We miss you and the pain is still so real. 


  1. Oh sending you love. The heavenversaries are just so hard. What a beautiful women. Thinking of your sweet family on this day. You are not alone as you grieve.

  2. So sad. I am glad you have had such a wonderful friend in your life! May your memories always bring you smiles until you meet again.


Thanks for the blogging Love

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