Weekend Recap

My schedule this week has been 1-9:30, which I like the 1 pm so I can sleep in the morning but coming home at 9:30 feels so late.. but week one is in the books:) 
Hubby brought me a starbucks frappiccino at dinner time to make me smile. :) 
Brooke and I crafted after and made some birthday party decor for her party next week. 

We had a early morning for a church work day, there was lots of work to be done, painting, organizing etc, it was tiring. I came home and crashed, our landlord came by to pick up some items so we chatted for a little bit. Then we went to town to do some shopping, I made some spicy buffalo dip for dinner, it was yummy. 

we packed some, only 3 weeks til moving day:) 
Went to visit my friends mom ( the one who just died) to say hi and to check on her, she is doing ok.

I slept in Sunday morning as I wasn't feeling well, slept most of the day but I did go Sunday PM as I was the greeter and I was doing the multimedia desk. 

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