7 Thoughts on Married Sex

❤️ Quality sex comes from quantity sex. Meaning … practice makes perfect. Don't give up, it'll just keep getting better and better. 
❤️ You’ll never “have time” for sex in our busy world, it’s essential that you “make time.” It must be a priority.
❤️ Husbands, desire to get to know your wife in every area … not just sexually. Get to know her emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well.
❤️ Sex should never be routine. Change up things like location, times, positions, etc.
❤️ Sex can suffer during the years of small children. Work hard to connect even during this time.
❤️ Sex is always better and more passionate when you’re in love and in a committed relationship. Anyone can have sex; it only requires a few body parts. But making love requires intimacy, commitment and a deep loving relationship. Marriage and making love will always require more work, but it's definitely so much better! 
❤️ Being with the same person over and over doesn't mean stale or boring ... it means you've learned how to rock each other's world


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