Of Stillness and Storm- Review

Of Stillness and Storm by Michèle Phoenix is about a missionary family living in Nepal. Their once bright and sunny future as missionaries has been diminished by a husband who leaves for weeks to trek into a remote tribe, while the wife and son are left by themselves. While Lauren (the wife) finds ways to cope with the struggle it is their son Ryan who starts feeling the effect of the struggling family.

The author keeps readers intrigued via smooth transitions between present day circumstances and glimpses into past situations that help shape the situations in which the characters currently find themselves. As the reader gets better acquainted with Sam, Lauren, and their son, Ryan, one cannot help but sense the storm brewing.
Sam is a driven, no holds barred, this is how faith works, no compromise, type of personality. 
His wife, Lauren, brings softness and provides a different perspective, which sometimes creates tension in the household. While initially both characters are likable, Sam’s dedication to his calling, at what appears to be the expense of his family, leaves the reader wondering what kind of God would bring such division between a family unit supposedly ordained by him.

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