Tips on How to Design Your Small Home Office

Working from home might sound like something ideal to many people who have
spent years on end trapped in a cubicle. However, this work environment comes
with its own set of challenges that need to be addressed. Since most of the possible
issues are ameliorated during the set-up phase, here are some useful tips on how to
design your small home office.

Chose the best corner
If you want to design your home office by yourself, you have to start with the basics.
First, choose the best possible corner of your household for the office. Ideally, it is
exactly that – a room or an area in one of the four corners of the residence, which
will statistically make the least frequented and the quietest place in the house. You
don’t want to be in anyone’s way and you don’t want anyone to disturb you while
you are in work mode.

Bare bone essentials
The second thing you should do is create a list of elements (or if you will – furniture)
that consists of the “bare bone essentials” for your home office. This will clear things
up when it comes to priorities and you will save money on extraneous items. Think
about what every respectful office needs – a desk, a comfortable chair, a computer, a
desk lamp, a file cabinet and an additional chair or an armchair for a potential client
or consultation.

Start from there and choose a set of items that is at least somewhat aesthetically
consistent. Do not sacrifice design for function, but always remember that function
is priority. In other words, avoid needlessly spending money on “pretty” things that
catch your eye.

Install shelving for smart space use

As it has been pointed out, utilitarianism is the number-one issue that should factor
into the design of your office – and every office worth its salt needs to be Equipped with useful shelving. Thankfully, shelving is one of those furniture elements that
come in countless shapes and sizes, so you will not be limited when it comes to
choice. For example, floating shelves are a good way to organize your space
vertically and find room for all the clutter and paperwork.

Don’t do it without file cabinets
File cabinets are also a good idea – something that every office needs to have. By
finding a reasonably priced file cabinet with drawers that slide smoothly, you will be
able to organize your paperwork and arrange it according to names and dates. In
other words, you will always know where your files are and you will save a lot of
time on otherwise feverish searches and browsing.

Invest in a good chair
The most important investment in your “catalogue” of office furniture is definitely
the chair. When browsing for this item you should spare no expenses as you will
spend so much time parked behind it. Look for nothing less than an ergonomically
correct shape with comfortable seating.

More light and suitable colors
Since you will spend a third of your day (at the very least) in the home office, make
sure it is a well-lit room with walls that are painted in stimulating colors. If the
home office doesn’t have enough windows to let in enough natural light, install some
extra lamps and use energy-saving LED lights. You will need as much light as
possible to keep your mood up and this is especially important if you are prone to
burning midnight oil.

In addition, paint your walls a color that you enjoy but which also corresponds to
the type of work you are doing. For example, soft blue is good for administrative and
managerial work as well as computing, green is an eye pleaser with a calming effect
which is amazing if your job is stressful, and yellow is a vibrant color that stimulates
mood and creativity.

Ultimately, when one decides to design a home office, the hardest thing is to strike a
perfect balance between comfort and the utilitarian nature of the space. It needs to
be a place that looks distinct and “separate” from the rest of the household. This is
important because a home office, such as it is, has to put your mind into the “work
mode” as soon as you walk across the threshold. The greatest challenge of working
from home is the separation between private life and work, so you will have to make
every extra step in order to strengthen the distinction between the two.


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