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I am tired of fighting, I am tired of feeling like he/she do not love me, they never kiss me, I can never do anything good enough... I cannot believe anything he/she tells me, I wonder if they are having an affair

These are reasons you may want to consider online counseling some guys/girls will not go to a counselors office but staying at home and being able to get help from your pj's is something they will definitely do.

Relationships Are An Investment

Relationships aren't easy. They take a lot of hard work, some of which includes learning to speak your partner's language. Healthy relationships are built on trust.


One problem that couples face is infidelity. When one partner cheats on the other, it breaks the trust in the love connection. It becomes difficult to repair that bond. The person who was cheated on may continue to be suspicious of their partner's actions, where they're going, who they're talking to or texting on their phone. Some people go so far as to take their partner's phone and snoop around for lewd text messages. These behaviors aren't emotionally healthy, and they're a sign that the relationship needs help. Trust issues are a common cause of the demise of a romantic relationship.


Sometimes partners become resentful toward each other when their needs aren't being met. Maybe one partner is introverted and needs time to themselves. The other person in the relationship is clingy. They want to cuddle and be close to their lover. Neither person in the relationship is wrong. They have different needs. It's okay to ask for what you want in a relationship and understand that your partner has needs too. You need to be close, and they have the desire for some alone time. If one person sacrifices their needs for the sake of their partner, that could end up in them feeling resentful. It could also be a sign that the relationship is codependent.

Why Online Couples Counseling?

Couples counseling in general is extremely helpful for helping partners stay in healthy relationships. Research studies that people who engage in couples or marriage counseling see an improvement in their relationships throughout three months to one year. All couples go through rough patches, but when the tough times don't improve some things can help the partners get back on the same page. Online couples counseling is becoming quite popular. You and your partner can talk about your relationship with a skilled online mental health professional. However, you might be skeptical about talking to marriage counselors online. You might be private about your relationship and feel strange about that concept. Why would you want to go online for your couples counseling? Well, one of the biggest reasons is that you're going to be able to sit in your own house during the sessions. No more making an appointment and rushing around to get to the office. No more uncomfortable waiting rooms and nosy receptionists. No more sitting in a strange office trying to bare your soul. Instead, you can sit right in your living room, where you and your partner are most comfortable, and you can talk to your therapist from there.

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