Do You Spit Blood When Brushing Your Teeth?

Almost everything about mainstream health topics revolve around the external parts of our bodies. Skin and hair health care are two of the most popular searches. It's just a shame then that we don’t take the interior of our bodies as seriously because it's just as important. Bleeding gums are actually quite common. There are varying degrees of course such as a gentle pinkish color of our spit right up to a dark red glob. However, not many people even know what spit in your blood actually means. For some it just comes and goes thus, it doesn’t feel like it's getting any worse. Ignoring this is the prefered answer commonly chosen but take note of the meaning. Blood in your spit, comes from your gums and your gums are the soft tissue structure that keeps your teeth in alignment, strong, and supplies them with fresh blood. Here’s how you can stop your gums from bleeding and help your teeth be stronger.

Form a routine

The basic reason why your gums are bleeding is because you don’t clean your teeth often enough. It's purely that simple, so you need to make sure you’re brushing your teeth every single day. This may not be enough for some, so devise a routine whereby you brush your teeth twice or even three times a day. Once in the morning is the standard, but you can brush after you have had lunch, and after dinner. The routine can be time based so no matter if you eat late or early, your teeth and gums are still cleaned regularly.

The missing inbetween

Brushing alone doesn’t get rid of the bits of food and drink that can get stuck between your teeth and in the flaps of your skin inside the mouth. For this reason you should start flossing. Flossing is actually more effective than brushing when it comes to getting inside the small gaps and crevices of your teeth structure. Professional dentists recommend flossing once a day and between brushing. This can be done after lunch of during coffee or tea time in the afternoon.

Swelling and inflammation

The problem with your bleeding gums might not be superficial, it could be deeper than that. Parodontosis is an inflammation of the gums in the deep structure. This can cause teeth to become loose from the swelling, and even fall out. Contacting a professional dentistry such as Gulfside Periodontics will give you solutions to the problem. Gum grafting is a service they offer whereby they can take pieces of fresh gum and place them over a part of a recession. They can also clean the gum and use medicines to combat an infection that is causing the swelling.

Not so hard

Brushing your teeth vigorously can also harm your gums as hard bristles stabbing the soft tissue around your teeth can cause bleeding. This then open up a wound channel which can get worse the more you brush over it. Don’t brush your teeth so hard and instead use a light consistent pressure.

Spitting blood when brushing your teeth is not normal. Don’t wash away the blood with water from the tap and carry on, address the problem so your gums can become healthy again.

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