Monday Musings

Happy Monday, Happy Spring... although we are currently getting a snow storm right now ...

It has been a while since I did a post of such random thoughts but here goes...

I have been thinking about how life is like a vapor and how fast it flys by, I have been thinking this because we are about to be married for 17 years and my baby is about to 16 years old and this summer she is going on her first missions trip.  She has been saving money for two years, she is going with 2 other girls from church and even though I am nervous and will miss her a great deal, this is what she wants to do for her 16th birthday.

Married for 17 years- honestly every day gets sweeter, yes we have arguments but we do not let them last long, we talk it over, we communicate and move on.  my mental health issues have been hard on us both when you have this illness you think things seem to be always worst then what they are, when really when you sit down and talk it through, it isn't that bad.

I am so thankful or a counselor who has been working on me and making me change one session at a time.  

Do you feel like time goes by really fast?

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