3 Things That Have Boosted Our Mental Health In Lockdown

 Now that most of us have become accustomed to lockdowns, we know what can cheer us up and help us to maintain a fine mental balance. It's not something that we would have thought we would be able to do when it first began, but now, we know how to react to being shut indoors. We have found our gardens to be like heaven would be. We have valued our home much more. We have been with our family a lot and learned more about each other. We’re going to list 5 awesome ways to boost your mental health during a lockdown, but we’d like you to list some of those that we don’t include too.

Investing in a show

Getting hooked on a show has never been more healthy in our lifetime. The reason for this is, if you don’t find something to be passionate about, you will start to sink into boredom and strife will follow. So, getting into a show like The Crown season 4 is something that would be healthy for your mind. Go on social media and comment on the plot lines, characters, acting and time period of the program. You’ll find that although the show is very entertaining to most people, British historians have lambasted the show for being woefully accurate. That’s something to explore, as you definitely have the time. Go on YouTube and watch documentaries of the real thing!


Dine together

We used to go out to eat but not anymore. Now instead we have to seek out brands that will deliver to your front door and be safe while doing so. Most brands have shifted to just allowing Takeout Food and delivering to people out in the parking lot, in a drive-through, or going to your home. Enjoy the succulent barbecue that we once knew and loved. Get a meal you haven’t had before, such as sushi or Turkish kebabs. Now that we can’t go to restaurants anymore, people are enjoying their gourmet meals at home. Order some restaurant-quality food, light a candle and try having a romantic meal indoors.

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Enjoy your garden

The only bit of outdoors we can enjoy is our garden. But we should be able to do more than just sit in our gardens. You should be making a project of it! Even though it might not be your area of expertise, you can still have a go at planting flower beds, making potted plants, styling your garden to include whatever kind of look you want, such as Japanese, English or French designs. Your garden can also be used as a naptime indulgence, by hanging a hammock up. Swing to and fro, reading a book or sleeping under the blue sky. 

Lockdown has been tough for all of us, but we have learned a lot about ourselves. Mental health is obviously high on the agenda now. So hopefully these tips will enlighten you on how to live a normal life as best you can. 

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