Year in review

Take a deep breath. We are now through 2020—phew. For many of us, this has been an incredibly challenging, transformative, and life-changing year. In some ways, life went on as usual—we were still expected to show up at work, babies were born, marriages happened and they were so beautiful and intimate. But in other ways, it was like no other year we’ve experienced in our lifetimes. 


For better or worse, the last 12 months have changed us. And now, looking back, we can see that the lessons we’ve learned—about health, resilience, community, and our shared history as Canadians—are lessons that will hopefully stick with us for the rest of our lives.


January was a normal month where no one had to wear masks, we did not have to social distance, we could do what ever we wanted, when we wanted, we could party if we wanted to, have as many friends over as we wanted.  MY word of the year was Stand- stand strong, stand up straight, stand up for what I believe and now looking back I can see that I was able to stand.  
In January I was also able to do something for our town, I was able to go to UNB red wings hockey and make a presentation at center ice for the business I worked for, here is a review in pictures: 

February – My world turned upside down when my mom got very sick, I flew home to be with her as Dr’s were not sure if she would be ok, she was to have a surgery on her bowels and would get a Colostomy.  Andrew and I decided to celebrate valentine’s day early as we would be spending our first valentines apart as I was at my mom’s bedside, so he had beautiful roses delivered to me at work,

                            he took me to a fancy dinner, 

we spent the evening together.  I was terrified that I was going to lose my mom and he held me close while I cried. 

 I left my house to fly at 4:30 am, arrive at my brothers around 3 pm, they all met me at the airport, we had a big family dinner and did some shopping to ease my mom’s fears.  We had to be at the hospital by 7 am, I went into the surgery dept with her, stayed with her and prayed with her until they wheeled her into the OR, they said 4 hours and she will be back to recovery… the 4 hours came, 5 hours passed, 6 hours passed and no updates.  Finally, I went and spoke with a nurse and they advised me some problems occurred but we should be able to see her soon… we spent a lot of time in the chapel that day, but after 12 hours we were able to see my mom. 

March- THE WORLD SHUT DOWN.  I lost my job on March 7th and it was a blessing in disguise. I was never happy there even though I pretended to be, I was verbally abused every day of my life, my co workers were not nice people and a lot of office gossip happened, true friends stay in contact even after you no longer work together. 


April- I was a stay-at-home mom and was enjoying it.  Lots of naps, cooking and cleaning, the whole world is shut down so we had a lot of time at home just us, church was online, Andrew and Brooke are part of the media team so they would be there every Sunday morning to get the live streaming. My husband started his own and may I say very successful business in the middle of a pandemic, I am so proud of that man. 

May- We were in a very hard lock down and it was our 18th wedding anniversary, we had plans for a trip but COVID-19 ruined that. So, we found a B&B in the area, we got take out for dinner, went for a drive to the country, went for a walk, there was flowers delivered in our room, we watched some fun TV and relaxed in the hot tub, we had such a great time together, I love that man more and more. Here is the review in pictures : 

June- I was offered a temporary job for a construction company.  It was a long drive in the mornings for my husband and I was so bored there, so I started looking yet again.  The world was kind of re-opening again, things were some what normal.  We were able to have friends over again and be social. 


July- I was hired at my dream job.  I am working as admin assistant with book keeping for a pharmacy, my co worker (BOSS LADY) is a dream to work for, she is a friend and a confidant and I am looking forward to a long working career here.

My baby girl turned 17.  How did that happen.

August- only one month of summer left, wait, we have had an extended summer vacation due to COVID-19- Schools were virtual so it seems every one has been on vacation.  We started some renovations on our house, I am so excited to see the finished product. 

September- Brooke is entering FHS as her final year… she is a graduate of 2021. I cannot handle this.  My co worker and I went to the beach for a day, we had a great time. 

October- I turned 28. We had a small COVID-19 allowed birthday dinner at Montana’s with some friends and my co worker.  Booked my trip home for Christmas.  All I wanted for my birthday was a day with my husband and I got that plus they spoiled me with presents.  


 November- COVID-19 has gotten really bad so we went back to the Orange phase. church had to be mask only, no singing was allowed, we could not socialize with anyone, it was like we were all strangers with our own friends and family. 


December-  COVID-19 still lingers on but Hope springs forth, there is a vaccine now so we have the hope that soon things will be some what normal…Our trip home for Christmas has been cancelled as no unnecessary travel can be done unless we isolate for 14 days each way… we decided to wait until Summer and see if things are better. 


Here is the Review in Pictures for Christmas 

Christmas Sunday Attire 

Our friends who came for lunch 

Our friends with my God baby. Advaith made Christmas so fun. 


Thank you for reading another year, for working with me and being my friend. Looking forward to 2021. 


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