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Back in March when the pandemic first struck, someone introduced me to “that sounds fun” podcast, then I somehow found “Annie and Eddie keep talking” and they are now my fav podcasts but this past week Annie F Downs has released a book called “That sounds fun” and as someone who has been struggling to find things that are fun and things that bring joy lately, when I received this book- something in my clicked and I realized, Fun is what ever we want it to be. 

 Fun is walking hand n hand with my husband, fun is sitting around a table playing games with my kids, fun is a beautiful summer night with the grill fired up and friends laughing together. Fun is sitting inside while a winter storm rages outside, fun is travel, fun is a day with my nieces and nephews, fun is a spontaneous get away with my husband, Fun is watching a movie on a Friday night at a movie theater with girl friends.

 Fun is going to a concert of your fav country music star, fun is going to a ballet, fun is a long country drive with your love, by yourself or friends.  Fun is a random act of kindness, Fun is writing a letter, Fun is Whatever you want to be FUN!

 Fun is what you make it!

In a world where life is heavy and crazy, you need this book. Dig deeper into finding your joy and fun life! Annie has an amazing way of making you feel like your best friends just out for coffee while she unfolds her stories.  This book made me laugh my guts out and cry my face off! Annie F Downs brings so much light and life to everyday life. Her journey inspires me to be more and pursue God more. This book is full of fun, but it's not like you expect. Yes, it's about fun... But it is SO much more than that! It's about reclaiming what God had planned for your life all along.


You can buy this book here

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