A year to heal

 One year ago I lost a job and I felt like I would never be hired any where again ... march 7, due to covid I got let go as my job wasnt going to be there after covid, come to find out I was lied to, the job is still there but now I see how it was a blessing in disguise because 4 months after I got hired at a job where I am 100% happy, I am appreciated and this job has given me my life back.

After that job I actually realized how horrible I was treated. I was verbally abused daily... I was called useless, was even told I wasnt worth the ink it took to sign my pay cheque..

 Since this I have had severe panic and anxiety attacks that I am being treated for.

Why am I telling you this you ask? I want you to know that you should not ever stay in a job where you are not appreciated and treated as a human being, you are worth so much more and even if it takes years to find it, you will and I am living proof of it.

I actually for the first time in my life love my job, I love going to work, my boss lady is the best of friends with me, we get along so well, the owner has been so kind and he actually says " good job Terri", shows his appreciation.  I take a day off and I miss work, maybe I am crazy but It is true, I love my job and so thankful. 

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