5 Must Have Items for Any New Bathroom Remodeling Project'


5 Must-Have Items for Any New Bathroom Remodeling Project

Your bathroom is one of the most commonly used parts of your home. The problem with many bathrooms is they can become ‘dated’ and eventually no longer fit for purpose. And if you buy a new house, for example, the decor might not be to your taste.

Whatever your reason, if you’re planning to update your bathroom, you may already have some ideas in mind of what you want in it. But if you’re stuck for inspiration, here are some must-have examples that you should seriously consider for your bathroom upgrade:

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1. LED Lighting

There’s no denying that LED lighting is the future. It offers enormous benefits over older lighting technologies, the main one being ultra-low energy consumption. Now’s a great time to rip out your old fluorescent lighting and upgrade to LED technology!

This is not a job that you should take on by yourself. You should search for a professional electrician oakleigh, or an area near you, and hire an expert to do the job for you. 

A common upgrade to any bathroom is LED downlighting. Opt for “cool white” LEDs to ensure your bathroom is bright, especially at night or during cloudy days with low natural outside light flooding through the window.

2. Underfloor Heating

Another essential upgrade for any bathroom is underfloor heating, and it’s something either you or your bathroom remodeling company can easily install. Underfloor heating ensures your bathroom is warm even on a cold winter’s morning.

What’s more, underfloor heating also removes the need for separate wall-hung heaters or radiators. You can have underfloor heating with tiled, wooden, or carpeted bathroom flooring, and you can easily adjust the temperature to suit your needs.

3. Thermostatic Shower

There’s nothing wrong with having a bath each day. But if you prefer showers over baths, you want to know you’ve got a dependable shower system that won’t scald or freeze you when someone in your home uses a faucet or toilet!

That’s why it makes sense to have a thermostatic shower fitted during your bathroom remodeling. Thermostatic showers let you set the temperature and water pressure with precision, and they work well in bathrooms of all sizes.

4. Heated Towel Warmer Rails

Once you’ve finished your bath or shower, the first thing you’ll do is reach out for a towel to dry yourself off. Of course, it’s not a pleasant experience if you grab a wet or damp towel, and that’s why your new bathroom should have heated towel warmer rails.

The great advantage of heated towel warmer rails is they’re available in various shapes, sizes, and styles to suit your bathroom size and design.

5. Backlit Mirror

Mirrors are commonplace in bathrooms, as most people use them when they get dressed, shave, or apply makeup. The trouble is, some people don’t put much thought into the mirrors they select for their bathroom remodels.

The best decision you could make is to install an LED-backlit mirror. It provides a crisp and clean ring of light around your mirror, and it means you don’t need the main bathroom lights on.

You should also consider applying a mirror defogger to your glass. In a nutshell, a mirror defogger is a thin film with an adhesive backing that prevents the mirror from steaming up during a hot bath or shower.

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