Easy and Affordable Bathroom Updates

If you thought updating your bathroom is going to cost you a fortune, we’ve got
some good news – it won’t break your bank whatsoever. Even though bathroom
remodelling is one of the most painful, miserable, dusty and costly home projects,
just as kitchen remodelling is, if you think outside the box, you won’t have to go
broke or make an unbearable mess in your home for this little upgrade. You can also choose different types of ceilings to enhance and elevate the space.  With small
but meaningful updates, and a little bit of DIY, you can easily give your bathroom a
polished, fresh look and save tons of money while you’re at it.

Cover and re-surface
Before you decide to splurge on materials and replace everything that’s old and
dingy, take a good look at your bathroom. If the lower portion of walls doesn’t look
the best, instead of peeling off the paint and repainting the entire bathroom , just
cover up the problematic area with wainscot. It’s really easy to install and most
home improvement stores have it, so you won’t have any trouble buying it. Covering
your walls with wainscot will also protect them from dampness and potential minor
flooding. This rigid material is often painted with semi-gloss paint, so you’ll have no
trouble spraying it with cleaners and wiping it down easily.

Don’t move the plumbing
If you’ve thought about moving the toilet and bathing facilities around the bathroom to make more space or arrange the furniture differently, we’ll advise you not to do it. Not only is it a very complicated process, but also something that’ll take a professional, such as those you can find at https://makeitdrainplumbing.com/. Instead of moving the sewer line, just think about updating the fixtures. However, if you’ve noticed that some of the plumbing fixtures leak from time to time, call the plumber immediately. No matter what type of bathroom leaks need to be repaired, make sure you call a plumber so you’ll know the job was done right. This will ensure you can continue with your remodelling and that you won’t end up flooding your home in the process because you were too reckless and didn’t pay attention to leaks.

Refinish your tub
A total replacement of a tub can cost you a fortune, which is why you should
consider refinishing it. A yellowed surface accompanied by minor cracks on your tub
is nothing to worry about. Therefore, don’t put an extra expense on your account by
purchasing a new bathtub, but simply refinish the surface of the current one. Even if
you’re considering bathtub and shower liners instead of refinishing, it’s not
something you can do on your own, unlike bathtub refinishing. Furthermore, liners
won’t be a permanent fix and you’ll need to pay a professional to install them, so it
would be a much better and cost-effective idea to simply put a new coat of finish on
your tub by yourself.

Be your own designer
Interior designers earn a fortune by simply sharing their creative ideas with
homeowners and basically telling them how their home should look. Instead of
paying someone else to tell you what you want, just think it through and you’ll find a
lovely solution for your new bathroom . Take your time to think about whether you
want to change the colour of the walls, and then paint it yourself. Tiles may need to
be replaced, which you can also try to do it by yourself or ask some of your male
friends or even family members who are handy with home repairs to help out.

Updating a bathroom can be affordable, contrary to popular opinion. All you have to
do is dedicate some time to thinking about what you’d like to change, see if you can
do it on your own or with the help of a few friends, and get to work. With a little bit
of creativity, you’ll be able to upgrade your old, dingy bathroom into a new, fresh

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