Skin Concerns? Hair Loss? Low Sex Drive? hers Has All The Answers For You

Back in April, I wrote an article titled, “Get Outside!”. If you don’t remember it go check it out especially now that we’re heading into the winter months. Anyways, I created this article in hopes to encourage my readers to get off their butt after hibernating all winter and get outside to enjoy some fresh air and exercise.

In the article, I shared with you guys a company called hims, a men's health and wellness brand that produces products for erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and so much more. In my post, I shared a graphic that they created informing men about the importance of preventive health care. Now, ladies, I’m sure you’re wondering, where can we find a brand like this? Well, today is your lucky day because hers, a company made by women for women, just launched their site!

At last, a brand that provides women with a new sense of well-being. Accessible, prescription based products delivered to address our biggest skin, hair, and sex concerns. The following are some products you can expect to see.

  • Anti-Aging treatment, a prescribed tretinoin which helps smooth fine facial lines, treat acne, and other skin concerns.
  • Birth Control, 10 options available all prescribed by a doctor.
  • Addyi, a treatment which aids in combating low sexual desire.
  • Hair loss treatments, available in the form of a pill, shampoo, and serum.

Any of the prescribed products require an online consultation with a physician who will determine if the product is right for you. Hers understands that there are certain topics that are sensitive for most women to talk about, however, they hope their service will encourage women to take control of their health and recognize that they are not alone.

So ladies, this winter I encourage you to put your wellness first by being proactive and addressing your concerns with a healthcare professional. We aren’t getting any younger and as time goes on the greater the chance for other issues to arise.

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