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Despite how essential food is, few people know a lot about it. Even passionate foodies mightn’t know many food facts, even when it comes to the food they love to eat regularly. The same can be said for beverageps.

Everything from ‘does beer go bad’ to ‘how watermelons are grown’ - among other questions - could have entered your mind, but they’re areas that people know almost nothing about. There are quite a few food facts you might want to know.

They’ll not only let you know more about the food you eat, but you could seem more interesting at a party or barbeque, and even get a discussion going. 

Food Facts: 3 You Need To Know

1. Bananas Are Berries

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits on the planet, and are routinely eaten raw, cooked in a dish, and even in milkshakes. The USDA regularly ranks them as the most popular fruit in America. While that might be surprising, what they actually are might be.

Did you know they’re technically berries? Though this may be a technicality, each banana is grown from one seed, which meets the criteria for them being a berrie. While they may be one of the more unique, they’re berries nonetheless.

2. Pilgrims Brought Apples To America

Did you know that apple trees didn’t originally grow in America? With how closely apple pie can be associated with the country, that could be a surprising fact. Despite this it remains true, and apple trees were originally brought to the country years after it was founded.

Instead, they were brought to America by pilgrims years after they first started getting popular in the country. In the hundreds of years since then, they’ve continued to grow in popularity.

By 2021, between 15 and 19 pounds of apples were consumed per person per year.

3. Raisins Are Great For Sports Performance

If you’re regularly engaged in sports or exercise, or are a passionate runner, you’ll know what it’s like to run low on energy when you need it the most. It’s natural to grab an energy drink or similar beverage when that happens.

What if you should choose raisins instead? As surprising as that might be, raisins store and release much more energy than you might be aware of. Since they’re loaded with glucose content and carbohydrates, they’re an amazing source of energy.

Coupled with that is the fact they’re natural, more affordable than sports drinks, and don’t have any negative health effects. All that from a small bowl of raisins.

Food Facts: Wrapping Up

There are countless food facts you could be aware of, despite how passionate you might be about food. Even the most passionate chef mightn’t know much beyond what ingredients and foods go best together.

By knowing a few food facts, you could not only appreciate your meals and snacks better, but sound more interesting when you’re out for a meal with friends. Some facts will naturally be more interesting than others, so it’s worth diving into the unique world of food.

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