The 5 L’s of marriage:

LOOK: chances are that your spouse tells you everyday that you’re loved, but it’s in the routines we’ve built:

  • asking how you slept, 
  • inquiring about your day, 
  • making sure there’s milk for your coffee, 
  • or taking the bins to the street.

Love isn’t always romance or lingerie…most of the time it’s in the gestures we overlook.

LISTEN: we are so trained to listen with the intent to answer, instead of the intent to understand.

Listening doesn’t mean biting your tongue until it’s your turn to speak.

It means opening your ears, softening your heart, and listening to more than just the words.

LEARN: study your spouse. As years pass and life happens, lifestyles and preferences change.

Be intentional about learning your spouse in and through every phase of life.

Study them as they are now; don’t rely on memories of who they were.

LINGER: sit down, stay awhile. Linger in each other’s presence. Watch the girly movie with her. Go to the auto parts store with him.

Take interest in their hobbies. Let them teach you about it.

And watch their face light up because you chose to linger in their presence.

LOVE: the sacrificial kind of love.

The kind of love that begins where comfort ends.

The love that looks, the love that listens, the love that learns, the love that lingers.


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